Community Director At Fashion-Forward Polyvore Feels The Love

Polyvore's Community Director  Inside Jobs

As community director at fashion site Polyvore, Nadia Hussain serves as a direct pipeline between the audience and the people who build the product.

When she started at the company, only six people worked there and she was the only non-technical staff member. As with any startup company, she wore many hats: office management, community management, PR and marketing, helping build how the site's shopping cart was organized, data quality ... and two blog posts a day.

"I felt I was learning something every day," she says.

Now she spends a lot of time on the site looking for trends she can share with the workers who conduct social media and the engineers who build the product. She lives in Google Docs and the internal chat system Slack. She also makes lists to keep track of her priorities.

How do you learn to become a community director? It's something you learn as you go.

By listening to the community Hussain can share insights the people who build the product never thought about.

Best part of the job is the love, she says, and learning that she's inspired someone to go for their dream. She keeps some of the love letters from customers on her desk to remind herself who she is supporting.

Watch the video to see what it's like to work at Polyvore and the kinds of love letters the community sends the company.

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