10 Awesome things to do in Destiny


The day has come. Tomorrow the long awaited Destiny will be released! Whether you'll be on line at midnight ready to pick up your white PS4 bundle, or staking out your friend's house to play his copy, here are 10 awesome things you need to experience in the game.

1. First, customize your Guardian

As you could probably tell from the betas, Destiny offers a superb customization angle where you outfit your soldier with certain weapons and secondary armor types, so you can make this virtual persona your own. Feel free to tinker with various options as you switch things around, as you'll essentially find a design to your liking. If something doesn't work, don't be afraid to change it. It's your universe.

2. Explore

There are times you may feel like traversing the open world on a vehicle, which is always at your fingertips. However, Bungie designed the world to be this large for a reason – it's wide open for exploration. You could find new groups of enemies to bring down, or even extra special items to modify your Guardian. Don't speed through everything. Rather, stop and take a look around, especially when waiting for friends.

3. Experiment with your weapons

The opening battles you'll come across in Destiny provide a great opportunity to try out the weapons you have on hand. You'll get used to assault rifles, pistols and other wonderful toys as you mow down the competition, and maybe even perfect some new abilities in the process, like your melee strikes or even teleportation. Don't be afraid to get into a little trouble, as it'll help you become an even better soldier. Besides, those jerks are asking for it.

4. Go on an impromptu race

Tired of waiting to find enemies in a stage? Want to pass the time in a creative way? Call your friends to join you in a jet bike race. Transform into your secondary mode of transportation, set a meeting point and then head there wondering who's going to reach the imaginary finish line first. While you won't win any official awards for getting first, at least you'll have bragging rights – until the next race.

5. Jump into a multiplayer event

Sometimes you'll get coaxed into joining up in a last-second multiplayer battle against a large enemy. You may feel that the odds are stacked against you and you can't defeat the aliens, but stick with it. The more Guardians that jump into a battle, the more likely you are at bringing down the foe(s) – and cleaning up some sweet loot in the process.

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