Hatoful Boyfriend: The strangest game you've ever played.


Remember those anime high school sim games? Well if you don't the premise is essentially: you go to high school every day and awkwardly interact (and often flirt) with fellow student and teachers. The teacher flirting is probably the weirdest part of most dating Sims but after playing Hatoful Boyfriend, suddenly those dating Sims of Ebaumbaum's World past seem relatively normal.

Welcome to Pigeonations Institute, a high school made up entirely of talking birds. This might not be bad if you were also a bird-- but you're not-- you're a human girl.

The reviews and streams of Hatoful Boyfriend go from confused to out right hilarious. The only way for you to understand the full flavor of Hatoful Boyfriend is to play it yourself. You won't regret it. At its best it's a bird dating simulator. At its worst it's a bird dating simulator. I dare you not to laugh.