Bayonetta 2: Pax Prime Early Access

If you haven't played it before, Bayonetta is a third person action game in which the player plays as Bayonetta, a witch on a mission to restore her lost memory after coming out of a 20 year slumber. The game is a campy good time (to put it lightly), and has sold over 1.5 million copies since its release in 2009.

Bayonetta 2, the highly anticipated sequel to Bayonetta, is coming out on September 20th. T
o my pleasant surprise, I had the chance to play through Chapter 5 during a Hands-On Nintendo event at Pax Prime 2014 last weekend in Seattle.

There were tons of goodies I learned that I unfortunately cannot share, but don't fret-- there are a few I can! Check out the video below where you can see a ton of her new skills in action!

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