The awesome cosplayers of Pax Prime 2014

With video game conventions comes some really great cosplay! This convention season I've seen my share of Worbla masters, but I was very inpressed at Pax Prime 2014. Although I wasn't necessarily at the convention to cover cosplay, I did manage to snap a few shots on my phone.

This Vayne was the star of the show! Wherever I went I saw someone taking a picture of her somewhere. Her an her friends told me they worked on this costume super hard and finished it in 4 DAYS!

These Pop-stars are extra kawaii, Riot take notes! We want a pop-star collection!

The craftsmanship here is impeccable.

The resemblance game is strong.

Yes ladies. Doin' it right!

Gangster Twitch looking actually quite dapper in those shoes.

"Even heaviest door can be opened." You go lady-Braum!

This Shaco.

So cute! Princess Peach and Princess Daisy BFFS!

Yuna <3__<3


Orianna and Leonardo? This is cross-play done right!

This guys was awesome. He made every piece of this himself!


I was stupid for not getting a full body of this Morgana, her dress was just as incredible as the wings!


For any cosplayers out there reading this, comment below if you recognize anyone above and I will credit there like page! Just post their alias in the comments below!

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