Making Money in the Sims 4


Money doesn't grow on trees. Except that one time that is totally did in The Sims 2.

BUT ANYWAY... Unlike the early days of flat rate Pizza Delivery, making a living in The Sims 4 is a slightly more gratifying and a much more profitable experience. You can either do that or cheat. You can find the cheats at the bottom of this money-making guide brought to you by Prima Games.

Work Hard + Get Promoted

We touched on this with our Advanced Tips, but getting promoted is the most logical way to earn more money in The Sims 4. To give you an idea what we're talking about, we started at $17 an hour, but two or three promotions later were sitting at about $37 an hour. In fact, our career path as a Secret Agent can pay up to $12,780 a week! That's a major jump in cash flow, and you'll need every penny if you hope to live the high life without cheating the system.

The Two Income Household

The beauty of this method is that it's not cheating, and you can get promoted and bring in two separate incomes. We started out living the single life and making peanuts. When the refrigerator broke down every second day it began to drain our wallet, so we did the only logical thing we could think of... got married. Now that we're rocking a two person household where everyone has a job (and we don't hire a maid), we're bringing in twice as much cash as before. It's still going to take players quite some time to start living a life full of style and comfort, but this is definitely the fastest (legitimate) way.

Cheaters Always Prosper

It's probably irresponsible of us to use a title like that, but in The Sims 4 it's fairly reasonable to think that cheaters tend to come out on top, and that's especially true with Simoleons. If you can't be bothered to get a job, or get a spouse and have both of you get jobs, you could just use the cheats to drop thousands of extra Simoleons in your pockets. Sure, you'll have to sleep at night knowing you went about it the dishonest way, but considering the quality of mattress you have, that shouldn't be too much of an issue.

Here's how you can use cheats to earn more Simoleons.

On your keyboard, press CTRL + SHIFT + C, then input the following in the text box that appears.

$50,000 - motherlode
$1,000 - kaching or rosebud
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