Ask Jack: Promoted Past Pals, College Jobs, and Job of the Week

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Summer's done and now we all have to pretend to work until Thanksgiving. When a stressful situation arises on the job, don't freak out, just ASK JACK. Hey, that's me! Ask me.

AOL Jobs reader Sabrina Visconti wants to know:

After a promotion, how do I gain respect of those friends who are now below me in position?

Well, this one is totally easy: Just bribe them with the mad money you're earning now. Oh yeah, money party, woot woot!

Seriously, though, this is a tricky situation (for anyone who has a soul, that is). You can't control other people's reactions, and some just have weird envy and authority issues that have nothing to do with you personally. All you can really do is focus on your own behavior. Remember: You're not a different person, you're not "better" than anyone else; you just have a different title. So act like yourself, and treat everyone with fairness and respect. Don't favor your friends, but don't be extra harsh with them either. When they see that you're the same person you always were, they should respect you back (even if it takes a little while to adjust). And if not, they weren't very good friends in the first place.

Meanwhile, Stuart says:

I just started my freshman year at college and got a part-time restaurant job to help with the costs. But I am worried about it eating up all my free time. Shouldn't I be enjoying the "college experience"?

Dude, didn't you hear? We are having a MONEY PARTY on the quad! Woot woot! Hey, congratulations on starting school, that is awesome. Don't feel like you're missing out on too much; you'll be surprised how many of your classmates are also working, because college is stupid expensive. Now, I'm not guaranteeing that your job will be "fun." But you will deal with different sorts of people than you'll encounter in the lecture hall, and that's always worthwhile in our passage to adulthood. And don't worry, the "college experience" will find a way to seep into your life -- even if you're not living in a dorm. Embrace it; you can always sleep after you graduate.

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So you just started college in Oklahoma City, huh? Well, I lined up a sweet job for you: a warehouse position with the Bob Howard Auto Group's Parts Distribution Center. The ad says it's "mostly afternoons -- perfect for college students." What's that? You're not a college student? And you're not in Oklahoma City? Don't worry, AOL Jobs has thousands of listings across the country, for every type of job. Search now!

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