Vacuum Sealing Values -- Savings Experiment

Vacuum Sealing Values
Vacuum Sealing Values

Vacuum sealers might seem like an unnecessary household gadget, but using one can help you save hundreds, even thousands of dollars per year. Here are a few reasons why.

Vacuum sealers can help your food last up to five times longer without spoiling or losing its flavor. Removing oxygen not only keeps the moisture in your food, it keeps mold and bacteria out. So whether it's one day or one month later, your leftovers will be just as delicious as the day they were made.

Surprisingly, a decent model doesn't cost much. The Seal-A-Meal vacuum sealer costs just $35-$40 on Amazon and is rated one of the best in terms of value, features and simplicity. If you're not ready to buy a machine just yet, you can accomplish the same money-saving effects using a do-it-yourself sealing method.

One way is the straw method. Take a straw and insert it in the corner of the bag of food while sealing off the rest. Next, suck out as much air from the bag as possible until it collapses around the food. Then, slowly remove the straw and quickly seal the opening.

The water method is another DIY way to vacuum seal your food. Simply seal off the top of the bag, leaving a small opening for air to escape. Next, lower the bag slowly into a sink full of water. The water pressure will force excess air out of the bag. Just as the water reaches the top of the bag, seal the opening and you're done.

So, to save money, try vacuum sealing. You'll keep your meals fresh and your budget air-tight.


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