3 reasons you'll want the iPhone 6

With almost 300 million smartphones sold in 2013, Samsung knocked Apple off its pedestal as the top-selling smartphone maker in the world. Models like the Galaxy S4 and this year's Galaxy S5 introduced a number of new features that enticed consumers and made Samsung the powerhouse it is today.

Now, Apple is on the eve of debuting the new iPhone 6. Get ready Samsung, your market is about to get rocked. Here are Modojo's three exciting reasons to look forward to the iPhone 6:

1. iOS 8

Remember the jump to iOS 7 and how scary it was? It may have been terrifying, but at the very least it introduced us to a whole new way of looking at our phones. With the launch of iOS 8, the new HealthKit app will be integrated and pull information from Nike+ apps and other locations, and you'll be able to share all of your media purchases with the same credit card with your family. The camera will include improvements such as a shot timer, and you'll be able to remove people from group messaging. In all, it sounds like a pretty significant update -- and that's all been confirmed. How about the stuff we don't even know about yet?

2. A larger screen

Experts are expecting the iPhone 6 to come packing a larger screen, with a rumored 5.5-inch display and a second model to feature a 4.7-inch display instead. Compared to the iPhone 4 screen of 3.5 inches, that's a pretty significant jump -- especially if you went straight for the iPhone 5 after using the iPhone 4 for some time.

3. Sapphire glass

It's no secret that it's super easy to shatter the screen on your iPhone (or other smartphone, for that matter), so any improvements that could be made to the glass used in construction would be fantastic. The rumor mill is abuzz with murmurs that Apple may be using synthetic sapphire, developed at a location in Arizona, for the iPhone 6 screen instead of typical glass. The synthetic sapphire has already been used on portions of the iPhone 5 over the camera lens and on the front of the phone for the home button, so the possibilities are endless.

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