Game of the Day: Papa's Burgeria


Grill up the perfect burger this Labor Day in Papa's Burgeria!

Papa's Burgeria puts you in the shoes of a burger cook who's just been hired by the famous Papa Louie to run his new restaurant franchise: Papa's Burgeria! It's up to you to take down every customer's order, grill their meat patties to perfection, then stack 'em up just the way they want it.

Gameplay is split into 3 phases. First phase, you take down their order. Don't worry if you don't remember the order completely, you'll have the meal ticket next to you at all times! Second phase, you have to cook the patty to the customer's satisfaction! Watch out, not only do different customers want their patties cooked at different temperatures, you also have to flip the burger to ensure both sides are cooked evenly! Finally, you have to dress up the burgers in dressings, veggies, cheese, and buns. Be careful though, you have to place everything neatly to make sure the customer gets the perfect burger!

Once you've mastered the art of the burger, the tips will start rolling in. Use those tips to purchase upgrades for Papa's Burgeria, helping you get a higher score!

Click here to play Papa's Burgeria!