Dropbox Designer Gets To Fulfill Lifelong Dream

Illustrator & Product Designer at Dropbox  Inside Jobs

Alice Lee always wanted to be a designer, but because she was really bad at drawing she crossed it off her list of career options.

Today Lee is an illustrator and product designer at the cloud-based storage company Dropbox. She got to fulfill her dream when on a hiatus from college in 2011 she interned at Foursquare and got to see what designers do.

She discovered that computer illustration was something she could do, too. And her latent passion took it from there.

Lee works in Illustrator and Photoshop and turns to tbe pinning site Pinterest as a major source of creative inspiration.

Lee likes to spend a few hours in her apartment each morning working and letting the creative juices really flow in a non-stress environment. When she gets to the office, the first half of her day is drawing and executing. The rest of the time is spent brainstorming, getting feedback, and iterating on the story.

"One's environment can really impact the way that you think creatively," she says. "I like being around other people ... bouncing ideas off friends ... Those little micro-interactions are really important."

Watch the video to learn more about Lee's work as an illustrator and product designer at Dropbox.

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