16 Drop-Dead Gorgeous Flowering Houseplants

tradescantia zebrina
ShutterstockTradescantia zebrina or Wandering Jew
Flowering houseplants give your home a pop of color even when outside is dull and dreary.

Here are 16 houseplants with splendid flowers and interesting foliage. Most are easy to grow, and some even help clean indoor air.

Pick your favorites, and start growing plants indoors.

Wandering Jew Difficulty: Easy
Why you want it: The purple pops as this trailing houseplant drapes over flowerpots and counters.
How to grow it: For the best color, place the plant in full sun. Keep soil moist, and mist leaves frequently.

Phalaenopsis Orchid Difficulty: Moderate
Why you want it: For its clusters of elegant, long-lasting flowers.
How to grow it: Place in low or diffused light. Let potting mixture dry before watering, and keep humidity between 50-80 percent.

Geranium Difficulty: Very easy
Why you want it: Beautiful, splashy colors, and you can transplant outdoors in spring.
How to grow it: Keep in full, bright light; southern or western exposures are best. Watch out for aphids and spider mites. Let dry between waterings.

Jasmine Difficulty: Moderate
Why you want it: Blooms in winter, and has sweet fragrance at night.
How to grow it: Likes cool temperatures and sunny windows. Soil should drain well but stay moist. Prune regularly to keep it under control.

Ponderosa Lemon Difficulty: Moderate
Why you want it: Lots of fragrant lemons with bumpy skins all year round.
How to grow it: Water deeply a couple of times a week until established, then once every 7-10 days. Remove suckers at the base of the plant, and check for aphids and other plant pests.

African Violet Difficulty: Easy
Why you want it: Lovely blooms against deep green foliage.
How to grow it: Give it lots of bright light and 50 percent humidity. Keep pots on saucers with pebbles, so the plant never suffers wet feet. Water when soil feels dry to the touch.

Dieffenbachia Difficulty: Easy
Why you want it: You can let the bright, green leaves grow short and bushy, or let trail forever.
How to grow it: Plant in shade or indirect light. Mist and dust leaves regularly, and let soil dry between waterings. Keep pets and kids away from the plant because its sap is poisonous.

Hibiscus Difficulty: Moderate
Why you want it: Large, colorful, showy flowers.
How to grow it: Place in direct light, and plant in a well-draining potting mix. Let dry completely between waterings. Prefers temperatures between 55 and 70 degrees. Place outside in summer after gradually acclimating to more and more hours of light.

Anthurium Difficulty: Challenging
Why you want it: Because you like the challenge of growing climbing, tropical plants with colorful blooms.
How to grow it: Very carefully. Grow in bright, indirect light. Keep well-draining potting soil moist but not sopping wet. In winter, keep it away from drafts.

Cape Primrose Difficulty: Easy
Why you want it: Pretty, delicate flowers in many colors.
How to grow it: Likes cool temperatures and northern exposures. Don't over water, which will cause wilt. Watch out for greenfly, mealy bug and root mealy bug.

Oxalis Difficulty: Easy
Why you want it: Profuse, pure white to red flowers pop against purplish, shamrock-shaped foliage.
How to grow it: In bright light until the plant looks tired, then move to a cool, dark room for 2-3 months so the plant can rest. During blooming season, water until soil is just slightly damp. During dormancy, stop watering, according to Bachman's floral centers.

Golden Pothos Difficulty: Very easy
Why you want it: Easy-to-grow vine that can trail 40-100 ft. though most stay in the 6-10-ft. range.
How to grow it: Not picky about light conditions, but wants to grow in well draining potting soil. Water infrequentl, when the soil feels dry when you insert a finger or when the plant begins to droop. Fertilize every 1-2 months, and prune to keep the plant from taking over.

Begonia: Difficulty: Moderate
Why you want it: Multi-petal blooms come in a variety of colors; foliage is lush and uniquely shaped; pest resistant.
How to grow it: In rooms with bright, indirect light. In winter, place the plant on a saucer with pebbles and water, which will provide the high humidity it prefers. Water only when very dry.

Peace Lily Difficulty: Very Easy
Why you want it: Produces lovely white flowers and can grow 6-ft. tall. Also, known to help remove formaldehyde, benzene, and carbon monoxide from the air indoors.
How to grow it: In potting soil and indirect light. Water once a week or when plant begins to droop. Don't over water.

Yellow Goddess Amaryllis Difficulty: Easy
Why you want it: Compact plant with soft yellow, trumpet-shaped flowers that grow on long, slender stems.
How to grow it: Place in bright, indirect light; don't over water.

Flowering Maple Difficulty: Moderate
Why you want it: Interesting, bell-shaped flowers in a variety of colors, and foliage that looks like maple tree leaves.
How to grow it: In bright sun, though you may have to move it during the hottest part of the day. Water at the roots until soil feels moist; let partially dry between waterings.
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