Teacher Keeps Job After Violent Tweets: 'I Already Wanna Stab Some Kids'

NBC Bay Area

Most people know that you need to be careful about what you say on social media. On the internet, nothing is truly private, and anything you say or share has the potential to put your livelihood at risk. However, Bay Area teacher Krista Hodges is clearly not most people, as her recent tweets suggest she has yet to learn that important life lesson. To put it bluntly:


Yup. We'd say that's pretty bad.

NBC Bay Area reports that Hodges, who has since apologized and stated that she was only kidding and realized the tweet, written as the previous school year wound down, was unprofessional. Nevertheless, she made several other tweets that could be considered borderline, to say the least--including one saying she wanted to dump hot coffee on some of her students, and another that her "trigger finger is itchy."

Administrators at Newark Memorial High School, where Hodges works, have issued her a written reprimand, but she continues to teach there as the school year gets underway. That's something that some parents aren't thrilled about.

"I have a student here. He was expelled when he was a freshman for saying something to a teacher. They kicked him out of school. So now this is going on with this teacher, and I don't feel it's acceptable," parent Angela Newell told NBC. "I feel that she should be able to receive the same punishment he did – get expelled from the district."

While another parent said that she plans to start a campaign to get Hodges fired, some the teacher's students have rallied around her amid the growing controversy:

The Newark Police Department is investigating the incident. Hodges, meanwhile, has deleted her Twitter account.
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