12 Animals Who Are Ready for Labor Day

labor day concept
ShutterstockNote: Starfish is not one of the animals.

Labor Day is right around the corner, and already you may be dreaming of the hammocks and cookouts and epic adventures to come. But if you need an extra, critter-assisted push to get in the swing of things, these 12 fluffballs have got you covered. After all, nothing says Labor Day like a bulldog on a jet ski. Except, maybe, an anteater drinking a cocktail. Read on...

1. This dog who's all like GET ON MY LEVEL.

2. These penguins having the following conversation: "Hey, bro! I'm a penguin!" "Woah! Bro, I'm a penguin too, bro!" "BA-BAM!" "BA-BAM!"

3. This aforementioned bulldog on a jetski. Who is a bulldog. On a jetski.

4. This cat who's definitely getting her leek on.

5. This cat who's having so much fun he literally can't stand it.

6. This otter who's entered a higher plane of existence.

7. This owl who is completely fine with what's happening here.

8. This panda who's just cancelled all her afternoon meetings.

9. This cat who's getting a massage.

10. And this one who took it to the next level.

11. This anteater who's celebrating early.

12. And this cat who is ready for the weekend. HAPPY LABOR DAY!

All images from Giphy.