Another Seat Back Air Rage Case Lands Man In Handcuffs

WHDH-TVEdmund Alexandre was arrested for allegedly interfering with a flight crew
If you thought that the fight over someone reclining back on a Newark-to-Denver flight earlier this week was bad, better brace yourself. Only, don't do it against the seat in front of you because it sounds like people are getting squirrely.

Yes, there was another fight on another plane over another attempt to recline a seat back, according to WHDH-TV. This time one of the passengers, a 61-year-old French national by the name of Edmund Alexandre, was charged with interfering with a flight crew and detained by authorities, as WBZ-TV reported.

American Airlines Flight 62 was underway from Miami in route to Paris Wednesday night when a woman in the seat in front of Alexandre leaned back. He began arguing with the woman and "became disruptive," according to a press release from the District of Massachusetts US Attorney's Office.

A flight crew member intervened, and asked Alexandre to calm down. Alexandre continued to raise his voice, left his seat and became disruptive to other passengers. As the crew member turned and walked away, Alexandre allegedly began raising his voice again, followed the crew member towards the back of the plane, and grabbed the crew member's arm.

At that point two undercover federal air marshals "subdued and handcuffed" Alexandre. The plane landed at 10pm in Boston and the marshals escorted him off the plane and handed him over to state police, who arrested Alexandre for interfering with flight crew members. According to the US Attorney's Office, the charge calls for a sentence of up to 20 years followed by three years of supervised release. Actual sentences run less than the maximum.

Alexandre's attorney, Janet Macnab, told WHDH that the man is tall and when the woman pushed her seat back to the farthest extent, it hurt his knees. Macnab also said that Alexandre speaks only French, so there may have been miscommunication as well.

Alexandre is reportedly also diabetic and was brought to a hospital because he was going into shock, a potentially life-threatening condition. A judge has released Alexandre on his own recognizance, although Macnab said even that was unreasonable.

"He didn't touch anybody, he didn't assault anybody this was a situation where he had a right to complain," Macnab said to WHDH, calling the case "an absolute overreaction."

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