Which Interns Are Most Likely To Get Hired?

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Accounting interns have a much better chance of scoring a full-time gig than interns in any other industry. So if you're looking for stability and security, an accounting major (and internship) may be the way to go.

That's according to a study from LinkedIn, which analyzed its 300 million+ member profile and discovered interns in the accounting space had the highest retention rate (or chance of scoring a full-time gig) at 59 percent.

Accounting firms treat their interns well, too. For instance, Big Four firm KPMG LLP hosts a workshop for its 1,200 summer interns presenting the Dos and Don'ts of office wear. They then give each summer intern $200 gift cards from Men's Warehouse and Banana Republic. They also toss in a tie for men and jewelry for women,

"Today's interns are likely to become tomorrow's full-time staffers. More than 90 percent of U.S. interns receive full-time offers, and more than 90 percent of them accept the bids," says Kathy Schaum, national campus recruiting director and a former KPMG LLP intern told the Wall Street Journal.

Of the 65 industries in LinkedIn's study, other industries with high retention rates for interns include computer networking at 47 percent and semiconductors at 40 percent.

Industries with the lowest intern retention rate are non-profit management and travel and leisure both clocking in at 19 percent.

What do these numbers really mean?

For starters, internships are two-fold. Sure the idea is that you work 40 hour weeks (or longer) for several months of your summer in hopes that come graduation time you'll hear, "You're Hired!" from that company you toiled away at the summer before.

However, internships are also a learning experience. What if you took an internship gig at a law office, production company or publishing house and hated it? Chances are you won't want to return there after graduation. Also, what if you interned near home or school but are planning to move to a bigger city when you get handed your degree.

Wherever you intern – you need to learn how to strategize and network starting from your first day on the job. Showcasing your work ethic, personality and willingness to learn and communicate are all traits that interns in every industry need to have.
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