Seth Meyers On His First Job: 'All You Needed Was a Pulse and a Car'

66th Primetime Emmy Awards - Show
APSeth Meyers: Emmys host and former sandwich delivery driver.

Do you remember your first job? Seth Meyers does, and he more than proves that you don't just wake up one morning and find yourself hosting the Emmys. When he was in high school, Meyers had a gig as a delivery driver for sub shop chain D'Angelo Grilled Sandwiches, a job that found him cruising around town in a used Le Car he'd branded "Le Seth" (complete with vanity plates).

"Pretty much all you needed was a pulse and a car," he said in a GQ interview (see below). "I was lucky enough to have both."

Meyers also recalled one key takeaway from the job: namely, the importance of showing up on time. He also mentioned that the combined salary and tips added up to a pretty decent paycheck for a high school gig. However, there was one significant drawback.

"I would say my friends were very aware - hyperaware, I would say - of how much I smelled like onions all the time for three months straight," he said. "This was not a good chick-getter for me."

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