25 Great Resume Templates For All Jobs

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We've all scoured the internet for "resume examples" or "resume templates", but let's face it, usually the sample resumes you find are too generic, not appropriate for your field, impossible to download, or simply ugly. Luckily, template provider Hloom has put an end to your frustration. They've created a great collection of 277 free templates.

The Hloom page is easy to navigate and all the templates open in Microsoft Word. However, there's still an overwhelming 277 different templates to sift through, so AOL Jobs has made it even easier. We've selected our 25 favorite templates from Hloom. These 25 templates include appropriate examples for positions in finance, admin, graphic design, academia, and more.

Some of the designs we selected are traditional and some are more creative, but all have smart and clean designs. All successful resumes should be visually appealing to the hiring party and clearly highlight your qualifications in an organized way.Classic
These clean, modern designs can work as resume templates for most jobs, from creative positions to corporate ones.

Finance and Business
Whether you're an executive, or just aiming to be one, these templates reflect a professional and strong candidate.

ATS Optimized
Hloom has a great section of ATS Optimized resumes. These layouts use prominent headers and traditional fonts. They are designed to potentially insert keywords that relate to the job posting near the top. They do not use graphics, borders, tables, or any other design elements that might be difficult for a computer applicant tracking system to interpret. The layouts themselves are also ideal for clerical and administrative jobs.

Entry level
Even if you're just entering the workplace, a recent college graduate, or making a career change, you can still have a great resume. Here are some templates for candidates who might be light on previous experience.

Creative and Academic
If you're applying for a job in a creative field, you might be seeking a template that has a bit more flair. The first template is suited for an actor, gallery artist, or any position that prioritizes listing creative work over descriptions of work experience. The last template is for academics or anyone who needs a resume that lists research and publications.

Browse all 277 Free Resume Templates at Hloom.
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