Shadowgate: making it in the shadows

Shadowgate is the Kickstarter-funded remake of the 1987 point-and-click adventure game originally made for the Apple Macintosh. As the "last of a great line of hero-kings," you as the player are given the task of saving the world by defeating the Warlock Lord, who is attempting to summon up the demon Behemoth out of Hell.

That's pretty bad-ass.

Here is a comparative trailer IGN put out marking the visual differences of Shadowgate from its first release in 1987, to the 2014 remake:

This game is notoriously very-hard, but that's just why its fans love it. Prima Games tells us, "The world is a dark place once you enter the caverns of the dead castle, and death is waiting to wrap its arms around you at each and every bend," which is why you shouldn't go alone!

Click here for 5 tips to help you survive the shadows of the darkest depths of the dungeon.

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