5 Must-See GTA V compilations!


What's a play-through of Grand Theft Auto without a good police chase or a couple good knockouts? Just a city stroll? Yeah, we don't like the sound of that either. Here are some great compilations of players doing bad things all over Los Santos:

Mount Chiliad Police Chase - Rechyyy

This one is straight up driving, but it has some of the most incredible stunts and near misses that we've ever seen in the game. Either this person is that good, or they are the luckiest car thief walking the streets of Los Santos. If we had to guess, we'd say it's a little bit from column A and a little bit from column B, with some fancy video editing in column C. You be the judge.

Great Knockouts - Barnicals MLG

This one is near and dear to our hearts because it's a montage of our favorite GTA 5 past time, knocking people silly. There's nothing fancy here, just some solid punches to the faces and people falling over like a tank shot them. If you like the video above, be sure to check out Barnical MLG's second edition. Punching people in the face never gets boring.

Five Star Police Chase - Rechyyy

We wanted to choose someone else, we really did, but Rechyyy comes through for a second time with a video that isn't just amazing, but also has a bit of style with its music and video editing. Although he takes the chase away from Mount Chiliad, it's just as incredible. Furthermore, the more time we spent scouring the Internet for amazing GTA 5 videos, the more we realized the term is grossly over-used. Rechyyy, on the other hand, seems to have the winning formula.

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