15 DayZ Tips to save your life!

The DayZ world is not a safe place by any means. Chances are you are bound to die at some point in the game. From Zeds to Bandits, to unsafe zones and straight up distrustful players it's a scary world where truly, the only person looking out you is yourself. So be prepared for the worst and always have a back-up plan!

Prima Games is here with a list of 15 essential DayZ tips that will save your life.

1. Get Some Bandages

Let's start small. When you spawn, you'll have a flashlight, a battery, pants, shoes and a t-shirt. After throwing the flashlight and battery on the ground, drag your t-shirt into your inventory, right click on it and tear the shirt into rags. These rags will save your life if you start to bleed, and you most likely will if you can't find a melee weapon to deal with all the zombies. Once your blood starts to flow, get to safety and then use the rags to bandage up.

2. Get a Melee Weapon

We're going to do our best to make this list a progression that will mimic the learning curve DayZ puts you through, so your second task (aside from eating and drinking) should be to find a melee weapon. The Firefighter Axe, Splitting Axe, Pick Axe and Machete should be at the top of your list, but in a pinch, anything will do. Use these to quietly take out any zombies you come across, aiming for the head if you want a one hit kill.

3. Carry Some Morphine

If you spend enough time rummaging around Chernarus, you'll eventually break your legs and get stuck in the prone position. While you could go with the Wooden Splint to repair your fractured limbs, the easier of the two options is the Morphine Auto-Injector. It will only take up one slot in your inventory and should have you back on the road in no time. While you can use it to fix broken arms as well, we advise saving it for the more debilitating broken legs.

4. Avoid Known PvP Zones

The best way to avoid getting killed by another player is to stay away from locations that other players go to kill each other. While we never condone killing on sight, you should expect to get shot if you show up in Berezino, or the Northwest and Northeast Airfields. While those areas are great places to find guns and ammunition, there's a solid chance you aren't going to survive to enjoy it. Try hitting up smaller towns away from the high-traffic areas.

5. Watch for Aggro Zombies

If a zombie spots you, it will pursue you as long as it can to try and attack. Therefore, you should always see it coming at you, not running away from you. If a zombie bolts in a direction that isn't you or someone you know, consider that an almost 100 percent guarantee that another players is nearby. This is one of the best tips that elite players use to locate their enemies when they are in a player-versus-player situation.

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