Taco Bell Cashier Forced to Hand Out Counterfeit Bills As Change

The owners of two Manhattan Taco Bells are facing class-action lawsuits for running what may be the most poorly thought out scam in recent memory, after they allegedly forced a young employee, via increasingly intimidating and absurd methods, to hand customers counterfeit $20 bills as change.

As the suit claims, a 17-year-old worker identified as "J.A." was told by management that she had accidentally accepted two of the fake bills while working behind the counter, and could either pay the sum back out of pocket or hand them out to customers. She obliged for two weeks--hey, you probably would too if you were 17 and had your job on the line--at which point she refused to continue.The worker's lawyer, Richard Garbarini, told the New York Post that the fake bills were "terrible," probably printed on laser-jet printer and run through a dryer for texture. To make the scheme work, managers threw out a "no large bills" policy, accepting $50 and $100 bills in order to use the counterfeit $20s as change.

After refusing to participate in the fraud any longer, J.A. was allegedly called into a meeting where four supervisors posed as undercover NYPD officers, who told her that she would be arrested...unless she continued handing out the fake bills.

Unbeknownst to the master criminals, the young worker was recording the conversation--which she then presented to the real police, along with one of those laser-printed $20s for evidence. According to the suit, "A kind sergeant spent 30 minutes listening...and repeatedly reassured her she was never going to be arrested, and there were no undercover cops in the Taco Bell."

The NYPD has not made any arrests at this time, and can't specify whether there's an ongoing investigation. At this point, it's also unknown whether other employees were manipulated into participating in the scam.
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