Peach wasn't Mario's first love.

We all know by now-- from the near 100 games they've been in together-- that Peach and Mario are totally 100% in love. But did you know that this union was not love at first site? It's true. I hate to break this to ya, but Mario is sort of a player.

See, there once was a girl named Pauline.

Mario and Pauline announced their love in the 1981 arcade classic, Donkey Kong. The game required Mario to climb many ladders and jump over many barrels-- and he did it all for Pauline. Donkey Kong was the bad guy, Pauline was the damsel in distress, and Mario was the hero. Of course, it was love. Can't you see it in their eyes?

For one reason or another things didn't work out between the two because Pauline didn't appear in Super Mario Bros. What make Super Mario Bros. the most influential Nintendo game of all? Not only did we meet Mario's brother Luigi, Toad, and King Koopa himself- Bowser, we also met Princess Peach! Mario's ONE TRUE LOVE.

Except sparks didn't really fly for these two. There wasn't a heart or anything. They even met again in Super Mario Bros 2, but it just wasn't the right time. But it was the right time for Mario and Princess Daisy to link up in Super Mario Land. What a womanizer he was.

But there was trouble in Paradise. Although it has never been confirmed, it has been widely speculated that Daisy was fooling around with Luigi the whole time. They even paired up for Mario Tennis.

That was the last time Mario fooled around with another lady. His love for Princess Peach was solidified in Peach's fourth game: Super Mario World. There were heart-shaped fireworks and even a kiss.

Brad had Jennifer before he finally found Angie. We understand Mario, Peach doesn't hold it against you, and neither do we.

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