Are You Cut Out To Be a Manager?

Pinterest's Head of Engineering  Inside Jobs

The move from worker to manager is not for everyone. Jon "JJ" Jenkins, head of engineering at the popular social pinning site Pinterest, offers this simple test to anyone who wants to make the shift.

If you are on a project and under a ton of stress, what is your gut reaction?

Are you the type who wants to hunker down in a quiet corner and get the work done, or is your instinct to figure out how to split the work and parcel it out to a group of people?

If your instinct is to parcel, you've got the management gene.

In his job, Jenkins says, the No. 1 concern is how to build a really great team that is capable of building out all the potential of Pinterest and "living vicariously" through them. Most of what the site will be in two years has not yet even been invented, he notes.

Jenkins' day is spent reading resumes, interviewing people and enabling his team of engineers to do their job well. He still likes to keep a few screens open to play with data and answer the myriad of questions that this rich information can offer.

"I'm inspiring data scientists," he says, and enjoying the challenge of taking a small company and growing it and getting designers and engineers to work together effectively.

Working with really smart people and his dog keep him sane.

Watch the video to learn more about the work culture at Pinterest.

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