The princess no one remembers...

Meet Princess Tomato, the damsel from Princess Tomato in the Salad Kingdom; an adventure game for the NES released in 1984. What a classic.

That guys next to her? That's her white knight, Sir Cucumber.

"Many growing seasons ago, there was a place where vegetables lived happily perfect harmony."

That was until Minister Pumpkin betrayed King Broccoli by stealing the Turnip Emblem and kidnapping Princess Tomato!

He took her up to his castle in the Zucchini Mountains and sent out his "Farmies" to annihilate all the vegetable in salad kingdom.

Shortly after this happens King Broccoli dies of sadness and Sir Cucumber sets off to save his one true love, Princess Tomato (and kill her captor of course).

And they all lived happily ever after <3

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