These Companies Have the Best Office Culture in the U.S.

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It's easy to dismiss the idea of workplace culture as so much executive-espoused psychobabble. There's something innately silly about using the word "culture," so closely associated with high achievement in the arts, to describe a roomful of cubicles or the manner in which an office distributes its happy hour memos. Isn't this the kind of thing Dave Eggers satirized in The Circle, one more way in which a company leaches the time and spirit of its employees?

But look beyond your cynicism, and you'll see that the idea of office culture refers to something very real (and probably not evil). After all, every workplace is a societal microcosm, laying bare our best and worst tendencies in miniature. The well-being of a company's employees can weigh heavily on its success, so it really does matter if, for instance, the manner in which they're distributing their happy hour memos is fostering an environment of openness and clear communication.

On that note, Glassdoor has just released a report on the 25 companies with the best culture and values, utilizing the comments and reviews in their huge database of employee feedback. The list is dominated by tech giants like Google and Facebook, renowned for their gleaming offices and endless food options, but there are a few surprises in there as well. Whatever your stance on office culture, there is an infinite variety of situations that can arise in a workplace on any given day, and the way administrators choose to handle them speaks volumes. Click through below for the ten companies with the best workplace culture, or head over to Glassdoor for the full list.