These Companies Have the Best Office Culture in the U.S.

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It's easy to dismiss the idea of workplace culture as so much executive-espoused psychobabble. There's something innately silly about using the word "culture," so closely associated with high achievement in the arts, to describe a roomful of cubicles or the manner in which an office distributes its happy hour memos. Isn't this the kind of thing Dave Eggers satirized in The Circle, one more way in which a company leaches the time and spirit of its employees?

But look beyond your cynicism, and you'll see that the idea of office culture refers to something very real (and probably not evil). After all, every workplace is a societal microcosm, laying bare our best and worst tendencies in miniature. The well-being of a company's employees can weigh heavily on its success, so it really does matter if, for instance, the manner in which they're distributing their happy hour memos is fostering an environment of openness and clear communication.

On that note, Glassdoor has just released a report on the 25 companies with the best culture and values, utilizing the comments and reviews in their huge database of employee feedback. The list is dominated by tech giants like Google and Facebook, renowned for their gleaming offices and endless food options, but there are a few surprises in there as well. Whatever your stance on office culture, there is an infinite variety of situations that can arise in a workplace on any given day, and the way administrators choose to handle them speaks volumes. Click through below for the ten companies with the best workplace culture, or head over to Glassdoor for the full list.

Top 10 Companies for Culture and Values
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These Companies Have the Best Office Culture in the U.S.

“HEB has excellent leadership and growth opportunity. The culture is very worker friendly and they always strive to do the right thing.” – HEB Employee (location, n/a)
“Company has great values and sense of community. Encourages growth and learning and working in teams.” – HEB Manager (San Antonio, TX)

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“Intelligent people who treat each other with respect. Chevron "walks the talk" regarding our values and the Chevron Way.” – Chevron Earth Scientist (Houston, TX)
“Diversity is truly embraced. The Chevron Way is a positively enforced moral code.” – Chevron Financial Analyst (Houston, TX)

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“The culture is one of a kind and you can be creative in how you do your job. They encourage personal growth.” – National Instruments Employee (Austin, TX)
“The company culture is fantastic - people are approachable, the attitudes are positive, there's a lot of energy in every department.” – National Instruments Employee (location, n/a)

“Flexible schedule. Good leadership. Company makes decisions based on good principles.” – Chick-fil-A Marketing Director (Baltimore, MD)
“The values that the company holds. Its very family oriented and we (employees) try to provide outstanding customer service.” – Chick-fil-A Cashier (location, n/a)

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“Great foundation in Christian values, flexible scheduling, great customer base, low turnover.” – Chick-fil-A Director (location, n/a)

“The people are friendly and helpful. The culture fosters hard work and fun.” – Southwest Airlines Analyst (Dallas, TX)
“Facebook truly values the important things in life (to me, at least). The culture and dialog is open about everything. Whether it's with your manager, on your team or concerning a company-wide issue.” – Facebook User Operations Associate (location, n/a)
“This company really cares about its mission and people. It gives you the skills and opportunities to grow.” – Facebook Employee (location, n/a)
“Huge impact on billions of people while working with awesome, insanely intelligent coworkers at a pleasant office. Great free food and perks. Lots of autonomy and big problems to solve. Engineer-driven culture.” – Facebook Software Engineer (Menlo Park, CA)
“Culture is great and this is exemplified by the CEO, great benefits and of course technology.” – Riverbed Technology Inside Sales (San Francisco, CA)
“Riverbed is very customer-focused, while being very ‘employee friendly.’ Very strong benefits package and an incredibly positive culture.” – Riverbed Technology Enterprise Sales Executive (Austin, TX)
“It is a great culture where employees are encouraged to take responsibility and are empowered to innovate. The company is moving in the right direction with respect to vision and shareholder value.” – Riverbed Technology Employee (location, n/a)

“The culture is amazing too. Each employee does not mind helping the other out if they are stuck. I feel it is encouraged to reach out to others.” – Google Software Engineer (Mountain View, CA)
“A culture of respect, and opportunity to work on interesting things, and interact with many different people.” – Google Senior User Experience Researcher (Seattle, WA)
“The idealism is also reflected in the projects that get funded: not so many projects that chase the gimmick-of-the-day; more projects that lay out a vision of a better world.” – Google Staff Software Engineer (Cambridge, MA)

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“Through the actions of middle to senior management, you are truly made to feel valued and appreciated. Opportunities are everywhere and the culture is laid back and fun.” – Edelman Senior Vice President (Washington, D.C.)
“Consistently challenged, but supported. Compensation is above average, and the company culture is amazing.” – Edelman Account Executive (Atlanta, GA)
“For people who fit the culture, the ‘entrepreneurial spirit’ is real. The firm provides resources necessary to make good ideas happen.” – Edelman Senior Vice President (New York, NY)

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“Team meetings on the roof are the best, great teamwork and a lot of smart people. I love how the 10 core values drive the company to always be better.” – Twitter Software Engineer (San Francisco, CA)
“Great culture - people are very smart and willing to help. Everyone is friendly.” – Twitter Account Executive (New York, NY)
“Open dialogue & they care about employees, which speaks to following through on their internal values.” – Twitter Account Executive (San Francisco, CA)
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