You might just be a DayZ bandit if...

Surviving the zombies of DayZ Standalone is pretty stressful. Good thing you can rely on all the other players for help in the DayZ Standalone universe, right?


Some players in DayZ are cold blooded killers (otherwise known as Bandits). It is highly inadvisable to trust bandits. Some players have even adopted a kill-on-sight policy! Lucky for you there are a few ways to spot a Bandits and a few common traits Bandits share...

Could you happen to be a Bandit and not even know it? You just might be if...

You wear one of the masks

They say to never judge a book by its cover, and that's fair, but books should also make an attempt to have an inviting exterior. Players who wear a mask in DayZ carry a stigma that they may or may not want. If you're trying to be a bandit, then by all means, wear the mask. If you believe you're a nice person and want to present yourself accordingly, leave it on the ground.

You hang out in Berezino

A long time ago, Cherno and Elektro were the worst cities in Chernarus for player-versus-player. These days, that distinction goes to Berezino. If you go there on populated servers, expect to get killed. They won't try and talk to you, and they aren't going to hold you up. They are going to shoot you about 50 times and leave you (and your gear) laying in the middle of the road. Bandits hang out in Berezino, so if you're spending too much time there, expect to be treated as such.

You hack, or even use hacked gear

Hacking isn't cool, and neither is using hacked gear that you find laying around. This game is about survival against the elements, not finding a way to cheat in order to kill other players. If you find a hacked magazine or loot item, do the right thing and toss it into the water. Even if you aren't the hacker, using hacked gear is just as bad.

You have a backpack full of ammunition

We don't want to go full Jeff Foxworthy on you here, but if your backpack has more ammunition than it does food or general survival gear, you might be a bandit. Your backpack should be filled with fishing and hunting gear, maybe some morphine and bandages, but not 20 slots dedicated to 75 Round Mags. Make sure you're capable of defending yourself, but don't ignore some of the better aspects of DayZ, like telling stories by the campfire.

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