Video Game Urban Legends: BEN's Haunted Cartridge

Once upon a time a college student bought a used unmarked copy of The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask from an old man at a garage sale. With his friend's Nintendo 64, he powered it up and noticed there was a save file named "BEN" still on the cartridge. Even though he created a new save file, various video game characters kept referring to him as "BEN". So he went back and deleted the file. But the characters refused to call him by his new name, "LINK."

At this point he attempted to get an extra day in the game by use the "4th day glitch." Instead of getting an extra day, the game transported him to the final boss. General glitchy stuff occurred. Words were jumbled, music played backwards, and then he was magically taken to an abandoned Clock-town.

He allegedly felt "unsafe" in Clock-town-- like something was there. Music sped up and slowed down, got loud and softer. After some time of him trying to get out (and being followed around by the Link statue) he realized he couldn't. Link suddenly fell to the ground and grabbed his head. The face of the Happy Mask Salesman appeared on screen with a scream.

After some other chaos the screen, the screen faded to black and back to the main menu. To his dismay, the file he originally named "LINK" was now "YOURTURN" with "BEN" (which he thought he deleted) right below it.

After having some wicked nightmares about "BEN," he tried to find the old man to return the cartridge, but to no avail. He ended up talking to some neighbors and asked a few questions. He discovered the Ben was the old man's grandson who died by drowning in a pool eight years prior.

Seriously creepy.

His curiosity kept him playing. Four more days of strange haunted-cartridge madness ensued. The player, Judusable, wrote about his experience with the cartridge in great lengths and there is even an entire wiki dedicated to this piece of creepypasta.

It eventually came out that the entire thing was a hoax, but it's a chill inducing ghost story none the less. Read the whole thing for yourself by clicking here.

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