Things you can expect from COD: Advanced Warfare

Yesterday we touched on how Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is ushering in a new era for Call of Duty on the next generation of console gaming. Today we're bringing you a list by Prima Games of 10 confirmed features we know we can expect from COD: Advanced Warfare.

1. Combat Readiness Program

The trend of including bots for players to get some live fire practice will continue in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. In a mode that Sledgehammer Games calls the Combat Readiness Program, players will be able to fine-tune their skills and learn some of the multiplayer maps without jeopardizing their Kill to Death Ratios.

2. Dynamic Events

Call of Duty: Ghosts is known for its dynamic events, including completing Field Orders to play as Michael Myers. Advanced Warfare looks to pick up where the current CoD left off, with some maps offering events triggered at specific times, through care packages or perhaps not at all. While details are still lacking, it's good to hear these fan favorite events are back.

3. eSports Support

Call of Duty eSports took the first-person shooter genre to new heights. With events scattered all across the globe and prizes hitting the millions of dollars, it's safe to say there was a big question mark on the minds of many players when it came to Advanced Warfare. It appears that Sledgehammer Games has it covered, recently stating that the upcoming game will feature ranked playlists, LAN lobbies, broadcaster mode and more. It looks like the Call of Duty Championships are in good hands.

4. 13 Confirmed Game Modes

Like most other things related to Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, details are still spotty, but it appears there will be 13 game modes when the title launches. We know that Search and Destroy, as well as Search and Rescue will be back, while it's also safe to assume franchise favorites such as Team Deathmatch are a guarantee.

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