10 great indie games to try!

I LOVE INDIE GAMES! And you should too! From Braid, to Fez, to Brothers-- or more recently Hohokum, Shovel Knight, and The Swapper-- indie games have totally been on the rise the last few years. Of course we can't deny the influence Xbox Live Arcade has played in this development. But year after year, the games never dissapoint.

Prima Games has come up with a list of the best indie games you should play right now:

10. Divinity: Original Sin
Developer: Larian Studios Platforms: PC, Mac

Instead of pitting players against boss after oversized boss, Divinity: Original Sin thrusts them into an open world environment where every action, conversation and choice made changes the way people accept them. It aims to take players back to the classic feel of RPGs, where the story is more about how you affect the world than about how many quests you complete before the final boss fight. The unique system of turn-based combat and the use of Action Points to attack, move and cast spells makes Divinity: Original Sin a tactical masterpiece.

9. Xenonauts
Developer: Goldhawk Interactive Platforms: PC

Strategy, management and combat are all at the forefront of Xenonauts, Goldhawk Interactive's spiritual successor to the original X-Com games. Updated graphics, realistic battlegrounds and a more streamlined interface come with the overhaul, but the original key mechanics remain the same, so manage your funding! Will you buy better battle equipment, or spend money researching for weaknesses in the enemy forces? Make sure you watch each other's backs on the battlefield. Soldiers are persistent in Xenonauts, gaining stat increases from mission to mission, and forming relationships with their squad mates. Remember that death is eternal, and every mission they return home from is another victory. Each choice you receive is important, and you are the last line of defense. If you fail, then so do we all.

8. Insurgency
Studio: New World Interactive Platforms: PC, Mac

If you're looking for a fresh new FPS to test your skills against, then chances are New World Interactive's hardcore and realistic FPS, Insurgency, should be on your list of pick ups. Intense, competitive and extremely lethal, Insurgency draws a fine line between the unforgiving one life gameplay and the intense feel of prolonged action as you take to the streets, moving from cover to cover trying to locate the enemy with just your eyes and the guidance of your teammates. There are no mini-maps or objective markers here. Just simple, intense action waiting to steal away hours of your free time.

7. Rogue Legacy
Developer: Cellar Door Games Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux, PS3, PS4, PS Vita

Rogue-like games have grown more popular since The Binding of Isaac hit Steam in the fall of 2011. Rogue Legacy takes this idea of a unique hero and carries it even further. Gone are the days of the strong and healthy heroes. All hail the era where being a hero is about more than just perfect vision and large muscles. Sporting a unique genealogical system, each character you play is succeeded in death by a child. This unique system causes your character's children to all suffer from different ailments. One may be blind, impairing the amount of screen you can see, others may be deaf or even weak, limiting your progression in various ways. Rogue Legacy brings difficulty back to the table, succeeding in its unique idea of who the hero really is.

6. Transistor
Developer: Supergiant Games Platforms: PC, PS4

Action RPGs are often the perfect blend of story and action for many players who just don't have the free time to get lost in gigantic worlds like Skyrim. Transistor is no different, with a perfect blend of action and atmosphere that will give you new ways to manage your time. Coming off of a successful high with their previous title, Bastion, Supergiant Games once again created a masterpiece that will leave players wanting even more of what they have to offer.

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