Tips and tricks to surviving DayZ

DayZ Standalone, a multiplayer survival zombie game, is the highly anticipated follow-up to the DayZ Mod created by game developer Dean Hall. DayZ Standalone was released in it's alpha phase in late 2013 as an early access build with a large amount of the features still in progress.

Although the complete game is expected to release later this year for the Playstation 4, there is still so much fun to be had. If you have yet to see the game, allow me to introduce you a few fan-made trailers:

These quick yet comprehensive guides can give you some super helpful tips and tricks to surviving the DayZ world. From the best places to find guns, to how to hunt and eat berries, Prima Games has you covered.

The Best Places to Find a Gun
How to Survive Encounters with Strangers in DayZ
The Best Places to Find Loot in DayZ
How to Build a Campfire in DayZ
How to Hunt Animals in DayZ
How to Catch Fish in DayZ

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