Silent Hills P.T. is absolutely terrifying.

Last week an anonymous playable trailer was released on PS4 that turned out to be a preview for the new Silent Hills. Although Kojima stated he thought it would take at least a week for players to figure out how to complete the puzzle, it actually only took one day.

Here are some of the weirdest unexplainably scary things I saw in the Silent Hills P.T.:

This hallway. No seriously. After going through it 20+ times with creepy creepy ghosts and the sound of breathing behind you the whole time you start to distrust these walls pretty fast.

This scary ghost lady. She spawns at total random. Yay!

This plucked-chicken fetus-baby with a whale head.

This other mystery ghost that looks like a clown. WHY DOES IT LOOK LIKE A CLOWN?

After it was announced that the P.T. was in fact a trailer for Silent Hills, people from all over gave their best shot at figuring the puzzle out. Many people broadcasted their experience via Twitch, as did we. Viewers of the Silent Hills streams were in for definite scares and of course a few laughs.

If the new game is anything like the demo, it's going to be absolutely horrifying. If you have yet to play the Silent Hills P.T. and are interested in giving it a shot, Prima Games is here with a Complete Guide and Walkthrough!

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