Frustrated Mom Turns Inventor To Force Teens To Call Home

Ever try calling or texting a teenager only to be frustrated at not getting an answer? So did Texas mother Sharon Standifird one of the times she couldn't reach her teens and began to worry. It turned out they were fine, but she wasn't going to go through that again.

So Standifird became an inventor and developed the Ignore No More app for Android phones, reports KTRK-TV. When kids don't call or text back, parents shut down the teens' phones and keep them from making calls, sending texts, or playing games. Once shut down, kids have two options, according to the app's website: Call home or call emergency services.
"I got on the internet and I literally just started researching how to develop an app," Standifird told KTRK. She worked with developers over a number of months to develop the product.

According to husband William Standifird, the determination should be no surprise. His wife has an impressive list of achievements, including serving in the Gulf War and climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. "Anything she's really set her mind to she's done," he told the station.

Parents enter a four-digit code to lock the phones. The screens go blank and kids are locked out of all features of the phone, other than telephoning parents or emergency help. After finally calling home, their parents can give them the code to unlock the device. The site claims that the app is "virtually impossible" for the kids to remove.

What did son Bradley think of the app? "Well, I thought it was a good idea, but for other people."

"I do have to say that he responds to my texts and my calls a whole lot quicker than he used to," said a smiling Sharon.

The app costs $1.99 for every phone the parents want to associate with the account and is currently only available for phones running Android 3.0 or higher, although an iPhone version is in the works. However, according to some user reviews on Google's app store, the software doesn't seem to work with all phones and there can be other technical problems.

At least one user, though, found that he didn't even have to use it to get results. "I told my son about it and he calls and text all the time now!" a Todd Anderson wrote.

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