The Week That Was (August 11 - 15)

Broadway Dims The Light For Robin Williams
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It's hard to see beyond the week's biggest, saddest news: that actor, comedian, and total legend Robin Williams had died, a suicide, at 63. We looked back at his life and career here.

On a lighter note, we answered a truly age-old question--Should I quit my office job and become a stripper?--and explored a trend that finds companies literally paying its employees to go on vacation. Best benefits ever? Here are our top posts for the past week, the week that was:

1. 3 Secrets to My Success: Give 'Em Something to Talk About
2. Restaurant In Hot Water After Facebook Cheapskate Remarks
3. Wanna Get Away? Your Company May Pay To Help You Out
4. Ask Jack: Strip Clubs, Baby Voices, and Job of the Week
5. 15 Rich And Famous People Who Were Once Homeless
6. Robin Williams Is Dead At 63
7. How Do I Get A Copy Of My Noncompete Without Alarming HR?
8. Day in the Life of a Financial Planner
9. Lack of Well-Paid Jobs Fuels Underemployment Crisis
10. 7 Things to Do With Co-Workers Before Summer Ends

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