Meet ALO, the Butler Robot Who Wants Your Job

KPIXALO: Part R2-D2, part rolling trash bin, definitely pulling off that bow tie.

Today, in Robots Want to Steal Your Job, KPIX brings us the story of a Silicon Valley hotel that's introduced a butler who's less Jeeves than HAL in a tuxedo and bow tie.

It's called ALO (rhymes with "below"), and no, you don't have to tip it. Recently introduced to Cupertino's Aloft Hotel, ALO is programmed to respond to room service calls with toothbrushes, bottled water, handles of tequila--whatever you want, ALO will deliver it straight to your door. While a feeble, mistake-prone human employee is required to load the items into its carrying compartment, ALO is outfitted with lasers, cameras, and a device that uses sonar waves to help it arrive at a guest room unaided."Instead of having a runner up there, you would have a robot coming up to the guest room," said Izumi Yaskawa, the strategic ambassador of Savioke, the company that designed ALO. Which is pretty cool for everyone in the world who isn't a runner.

The CEO of Savioke, Steve Cousins, added that he thought ALO could be the future of room service. Although, to be honest, any futuristic qualities are slightly undercut by the fact that the thing looks like a rolling trash bin.

ALO is currently in beta testing. According to KPIX, it can carry a 10-pound payload, which is great if you need a puppy delivered to your door. Just remember: this thing has lasers, and it's watching you.

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