7 Things to Do With Co-Workers Before Summer Ends

I'm lucky that my team and I are very close.

Great example. Just this morning I indulged in a poppyseed bagel at my desk. Then, without thinking, I walked down the hall to chat with four of my co-workers before I had to shoot a quick career advice video. They all sat and chatted nicely, and when there was a natural pause, my co-worker Lindsay said, "J.T. You've got crumbs on your face and I don't want you to jump on camera like that." Being close to my co-workers makes moments like that not so awkward. I love them for it!We Bond - A Lot!

I think one of the reasons we are close is we do a lot of bonding. We laugh a bunch and don't take ourselves or our work too seriously. But mostly, it's those things we do together that allow us to know and trust each other more. So, I thought I'd share seven things we've done that I think has helped us get closer. [If you visit THIS PAGE, you can see pictures of us doing many of the activities below.]

1) Take a walk. My team found an incredible path just outside our office this summer. Walking, taking in the fresh air and chatting about the things we are doing this summer for fun is really relaxing.

2) Have lunch outside. We go out to lunch every Friday. In the summer, we try to pick a spot that can serve us outdoors. Sadly, we are growing so fast as a company that we aren't going to be able to go to restaurants anymore. But, the good news is our brand new Headquarters has a huge lawn and we are planning to make good use of it for our lunch events.

3) Play a hide-n-seek game. We were sent a New Orleans King Cake as a gift and it had a little baby in it. We named him Winston and have spent all summer hiding him in each other's offices and then giving clues until he was found.

4) Go out of the office for coffee. We have free coffee at work, but we still get out and go to the local coffee joint to indulge in lattes and get some fresh air.

5) Plan a lunch-time picnic. We are going to do this starting next week when we move into the new space. Everyone is going to bring a favorite food. Can't wait to see how random it is!

6) Play 'Heads-up' together. One day, our power went out for a few hours. Nobody could work so we played Heads-up with my iPhone. Honestly, one of the funnest memories I will ever have with my team!

7) Make a video. We started producing these hilarious career videos for our YouTube channel and the whole team is involved. The video we did on Epic Profile Picture Fails is a beauty - AND it teaches you something!

Not everything we try to do is a hit. But, the more we bond, the better we get at finding ways to make work fun. We are more happy and productive. I think that's worth making an effort to bond with your co-workers, don't you?
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