Get weird with The Sims 4!


Once upon a time I used to write fan-fictions on Quizilla. That was until Viacom purchased Quizilla in 2006 and deleted everything I loved about the site. Before that, Quizilla was a place for fans of movies, books, video games, and anime to come together, share their stories, and nerd out!

One of my favorite niche's of Quizilla was The Sims fan-fics. Players would make up detailed stories using screenshots of their gameplay in story-book fashion. Some were funny, some were dramatic, and others were flat out terrible (but even those offered a few laughs!)

With the release of The Sims 4, EA Maxis is encouraging players to "get weird" in these cheeky new trailers that take me back to my Quizilla days. Maybe we'll see a ressurgence in Sims fan-fictions? I can only hope so...

The Sims has managed to get more and more complex every year. From extremely detailed Sim design, to smarter AI interactions, it just keeps getting better. Associate Producer Graham Nardone explains what we can expect from the Sims 4 and how the team worked to enrich the player experience.