Game of the Day: Bubble Bumble


Today's Game of the Day is a NEW RELEASE that's got everyone buzzing! You bee-ter see it to bee-lieve it!

Bubble Bumble is a newly released action game that's going to keep you on your toes! The bees in this game are sick and can't fly very well any more, but they can't just take a break: they have to keep on collecting that sweet, sweet nectar. It's up to you to help them with their most sacred task! The bees tumble clumsily out of their hive, and you must blow bubbles underneath them to bounce them into nourishing flowers!

Over the course of 30 levels, you'll collect honey, unlock upgrades, and discover lots of special bees and flowers! Try to get a gold flower on every level, and bee-come one with the bees today! Oh, and don't forget, this game is mobile-enabled, so take this game with you on the go!

Click here to play Bubble Bumble today!