A fighting chance: the best video game weapons EVER- 20-11

There is no feeling quite like getting the Fire Flower in any Super Mario Bros game. You are superior to all your enemies if you play it right. Just don't let yourself mindlessly walk into a Goomba or under a Koopa and you'll have the toughest of levels beat in no time!

With that said, Prima Games has come up with a list of the top 50 video game weapons thus far. We're here today to serve you up weapons 20-11:

20. The Metal Blade (Mega Man 2)

The Metal Blade is easily one of our favorite Mega Man weapons of all time, and for good reason – this sucker cuts deep. After acquiring it from Metal Man, you'll be able to launch buzzsaws at your foes and deal heavy damage. Hey, it sure beats trying to shoot lightning bolts, or maybe even clouds.

19. The beam katana (No More Heroes)

The lightsaber from the Star Wars movies is a terrific weapon, but Travis Touchdown found a way to take a similar weapon and use it for assassination purposes in the No More Heroes games. Watching him mow down the competition with his beam katana – and then hilariously shake around while trying to recharge it – is easily a pleasure to behold.

18. The flak cannon (Unreal series)

There are a number of great weapons to choose from in the Unreal games. However, you can't go wrong with the Flak Cannon. This modified shotgun shoots little particles that bounce off walls, hitting anyone they come in contact with. One good up-close shot can shred an enemy almost instantly, and the secondary fire-bomb tactic isn't too shabby either. Make sure you have one of these on hand during your next match.

17. The chainsaw (Doom series)

Bruce Campbell proved there's plenty you can do with a chainsaw in the Evil Dead trilogy, and id Software followed suit by including one in Doom. Although it's not recommended against tougher enemies, the chainsaw can do quite a bit of damage to weaker ones, mowing them down with ease. Try playing a match with one on a higher difficulty setting, and see just how long you last. We dare you.

16. The RYNO (Ratchet & Clank series)

Over the years, the Ratchet & Clank series introduced a number of outlandish weapons, including one that forces enemies to dance to their doom alongside a disco ball – or get turned into chickens. However, nothing beats the good old RYNO, a multi-missile launcher that's quite effective against both groups of foes and bigger adversaries, like the robot that appears in the clip above. Make sure you have one on hand.

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