There are 5 Xbox One bundles, which is your favorite?

Once upon a time my parents bought me an Nintendo 64. It was my 7th birthday and I couldn't have been more excited ...that is until the Hey You Pikachu! N64 Bundle game out with a copy of Pokemon Stadium.

Ever since then I promised myself I would wait until after a console is released so I can score the special edition bundles. Believe me, it's always worth the wait.

So just the way I waited for the Zelda the Windwaker bundle for Gamecube and the Halo: 4 bundle for Xbox 360-- you better believe I'm waiting to get my hands on one of these beauties.

Prima Games is here with a guide to choosing the best of Xbox One bundles coming this holiday season.

Limited Edition Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Xbox One Bundle
Price: $499
Available: November 3

We expected this, given the close relationship Microsoft has with Activision; Xbox 360 received not only attractive CoD bundles, but also first dibs on downloadable content. This time, however, both companies outdid themselves with a package that is sure to appeal to fans of the first-person shooting series.

There's the Xbox One system, of course, but it features attention-grabbing visuals comprised of Sentinel Task Force iconography from the video game. Perhaps the biggest selling point, though, is the one terabyte hard drive, an upgrade over the usual 500 GB model; this likely explains the extra $100, since the package does not come with the Kinect camera.

The same can be said of the controller that pairs beautifully with the system; Microsoft will also sell this CoD Xbox One controller separately for $69.99. Good decision on Microsoft and Activision's part to include the controller, which is something the former neglected to do with the Titanfall bundle, which comes with a black one instead of the exclusive orange and white controller.

In addition, you'll find a code to download Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare – Day Zero Edition. That gives you early access to the game on November 3, along with double XP for that day and two weapons, the AK-12 G Assault Rifle and Crossbow-B2. There's more! The bundle comes with a custom EM1 Quantum energy weapon, digital personalization pack for your virtual soldier and a bullet brass exoskeleton.

If you enjoy CoD, this is without question the ideal bundle unless you prefer a hard copy of the game; the Day Zero Edition will also be sold separately.

Special Edition Sunset Overdrive Xbox One Bundle
Price: $399
Available: October 28

It was rumored that there was going to be a white Xbox One and then later confirmed with the announcement of the Sunset Overdrive Bundle. There's a great chance you want to get your hands on both the white Xbox One and Insomniac Games' upcoming third-person shooter.

If that's the case, look no further. This bundle includes a digital code to download Sunset Overdrive, the white console, matching controller and Day One Edition downloadable content, including the Nothin' but the Hits gun, a custom Fizzie costume and Hardcore! Hammer; again, no Kinect camera.

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