Now Hiring: Marine Jobs

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Jobs ahoy! Step aboard the good ship CareerBuilder and discover the career in maritime engineering, administration, or entertainment that's perfect for you.

Whether you're a card-carrying landlubber or have started growing a set of gills, there are plenty of great opportunities to be found, and we've rounded up eight of them below. So if you're feeling lost at sea in your job search, have no fear! Let these job listings be your life raft.

Now Hiring: Marine Jobs
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Now Hiring: Marine Jobs

Average salary: $33,000

Description: Position ensures the safety of passengers, crew, cargo and vessel at all times; operating at all times in compliance with its USCG certifications of Inspection, Stability Letter and all other federal, state laws and regulations.   Understands and utilizes all navigational aids to maintain a high level of safety for each and every operation; using radar, visual observations, electronic charting, AIS, vessel traffic or radio communication.

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Average salary: $41,000

Description: Performs mechanical and or electrical repairs and maintenance to production and mechanical equipment. Determines causes of operating problems. Consults schematics. Orders replacement parts. Employees at this level perform basic to complex mechanical repairs to production equipment. Complies with all company safety rules, procedures and applicable government regulations. Maintains and completes records accurately in a timely manner.

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Average salary: $39,000

Description: Lays out, positions, aligns and fits together fabricated parts of metal or pipe according to shop orders and layout specifications in preparation for welding. Tack-welds pieces together. Complies with all company safety rules and procedures. Maintains and completes all required records.

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Salary: $105,000 - 125,000

Description: Responsible for overall day-to-day management of assigned vessels to insure they are operated and maintained in a safe, compliant and efficient manner Encourage the use of new and progressive means to carry out on-board repairs and maintenance, while insuring all reporting and documentation requirements are fully met. Maintain frequent communications with other shore side departments to assist in the selection and installation of machinery, equipment and safety appliances to ensure compliance with applicable regulations, safety and environmental policies. Awareness of the overall corporate and departmental goals, performance indicators and financial plans.

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Base pay: $40 - 60/hr

Description: Primary function is to examine and report on vessels and other marine and/or offshore structures during and after construction relative to compliance with the applicable requirements for maintaining the vessel in Classification with ABS, and meeting associated statutory and special service requirements related to Safety of Life at Sea, Loadline, Tonnage, Cargo Gear, Drilling Systems and Pollution Prevention certification.

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Average salary: $38,000

Description: The Underwriting Assistant position’s primary responsibilities are the accurate and timely issuance, binding and billing of all commercial marine, umbrella, auto, and/or package policies for the agency.  This position is also responsible for the billing of all policies and endorsements processed by the agency by their underwriter.  This process entails the review of underwriting data, insurance applications, and the policy’s file to ensure all requisite information has been identified, received, and incorporated into the issued policy. This position is also responsible for processing endorsements – money and non-money, policy cancellations and reinstatements, and the ordering and review of various reports and system notifications in support of the underwriting and policy issuance process.

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Salary: $3,897 - 5,847/mo

Description: Coordinates the day-to day operations of the MSSC site and is accountable to the Director, or the Deputy Director in the absence of the Director, for short- and long-term goals and objectives. Assists Director with logistics coordination and implementation of complex projects and business solutions. Researches, evaluates, and makes recommendations regarding policies and procedures to support MSSC site operations. Initiates and tracks operational requests including: Accounts Receivables/Payables, Reimbursements, Procurement, RPA’s and faculty payment authorizations, course advertisement, scheduling, and registration, etc.

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Average salary: $71,000

Description: The Senior Structural Engineer in industrial dock and marine design is responsible for developing the technical deliverables required for industrial structures such as docks, trestles, mooring and breasting dolphins, river cells, and floating docks for commodity distribution terminals. This position is responsible for the development of the overall structural design including design concept, criteria, code interpretations, permitting, mooring and breasting analysis, structural model, calculations, and specifications for these structures.  This engineer develops the loading and unloading dock facilities to river and ocean going barges as well as ships ranging from handymax to cape size vessels. This position is responsible for being the lead engineer for the structural design and the overall quality of the deliverables.  The Engineer in marine and docks will have worked in the design of these structures for industries in the bulk or liquid material handling industries.

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