Enter to win in the Summer of Surround Sound contest!

Always wanted an awesome gaming headset? Well now you have the chance to win one by entering the Summer of Surround Sound contest presented by Turtle Beach in conjunction with Shacknews. Next-gen consoles deserve next-gen sound and that's just was Turtle Beach is serving up with this line of wireless gaming headsets. Which headsets would you be eligible to win exactly?

First up is the Turtle Beach Ear Force PX4:

The Ear Force PX4 does not disappoint with Dolby Digital Surround Sound that completely immerses you-- weather you're playing The Last of Us Remastered on your PS4 or just watching a movie on Netflix. With soft mesh padding, lining the earcuffs and headband, you can expect a supremely comfortable gaming experience. With a battery life of 15 hours, don't expect these bad boys to die mid game.

Now meet the Turtle Beach Ear Force X42:

This beaut of a gaming headset delivers 3D surround sound with its 50 mm speakers, making your Xbox One games feel closer than ever before. In titles like Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, you'll feel like you're right in the middle of the action. It comes with a dual band wireless base that eliminates any possible interference from surrounding wireless devices, keeping you in the game. Although this headset isn't rechargeable, no worries-- with just two double A batteries it should last over a month with moderate play.

To enter the Summer of Surround Sound Contest for your chance to win one of these magnificent headsets, click here!

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