Surviving outer space in Elite: Dangerous

Have you ever looked up into the night sky and just wanted to jump into that sea of stars? I know I have. Elite: Dangerous, a new MMO open world space game, does a pretty good job at taking you up there with over 400 billion star in the Milky Way Galaxy to explore.

The year is 3300 and the human race has entered a golden age of expansion. Blaze your own trail through the galaxy, choosing your allegiances to suit you whether to fight for the greater good ...or not. Team up with others on missions or travel alone exploring the expanse of space encountering fellow explorers on the way. Elite: Dangerous offers endless choices in one massively multiplayer online experience.

Knowing how to operate your ship is life or death in this game. Prima Games is here with all the essential tips to help you get through the dark of space. From teaching you how to man your ship to the secrets of being a successful trader, Prima Games has you covered.

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