Cross these games off your 2014 holiday wish-list...

This happens to me time and time again. I pre-order a game, write the date down, go to pick it up, and get to Game Stop only to discover that the game release has been postponed and I'm forced to walk out empty handed. This year we saw a slew of great games at E3 that were expected to release "just in time for the holiday season".

Well cross these titles off you Christmas wish-list. Prima Games is here with a list of games that have been postponed to sometime in 2015 :(

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (PC, Xbox One, PS4)

When someone mentions open world, we immediately think of Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto games, but there's always room for competition. Case in point, CD Projekt Red's ambition role-playing adventure featuring a non-linear story, living ecosystem, multiple settlements to explore and deep combat involving melee weapons and ranged elemental attacks. The world looks incredible, the monsters are fierce and the intrguing option of choice had us daydreaming about the sort of character we'd become. All of that makes waiting for The Witcher 3 a head-shaking process. The delay is for the best, though, right?

Tom Clancy's The Division (PC, Xbox One, PS4)

We've seen post apocalyptic New York City in countless video games before, but none look more spectacular than Ubisoft's rendition in The Division. Armed with the processing muscle found in PCs, the Xbox One and PS4, the company brought this pandemic-hit Big Apple to life with stunning detail, from realistic weather conditions to garbage-cluttered streets and slick special effects (bullets piercing windows instead of shattering them outright). The option to team with fellow players and explore this shattered urban sprawl with all sorts of futuristic tech had us locked and loaded, but we'll have to wait until next year.

Dying Light (PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3)

Here we have an open world zombie game where players scavenge for supplies during the day and run for their lives at night when the more aggressive undead creatures come out to play. They'll combine weapons, utilize parkour moves to get around and spill truck loads of blood. It's part action, part stealth and visually stimulating, with long draw distances, a huge city to explore and plenty of gore. Dying Light was supposed to be 2014, but guess what happened? No seriously, guess.

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