A fighting chance: the best video game weapons EVER- 40-31

My favorite video game weapon of all time has to be the red turtle shells from Mario Kart. These supercharged homing devices are bad enough all on their own, but when you score three? Absolute devastation to the players ahead of you.

With that said, Prima Games has come up with a list of the top 50 video game weapons thus far. We're here today to bring you weapons 40-31:

40. Your hair and wardrobe (Bayonetta)

Bayonetta is a witch that means business. Don't believe us? Wait until she unleashes one of her special attacks, in which both her hair and outfit combine to create a super dragon-like creature that munches bad guys like they were dinner specials. She certainly lives up to the term "killer wardrobe."

39. The Magnum (Resident Evil 2)

One of the most challenging aspects in Resident Evil 2 involves locating all the Magnum parts, as sometimes you'll have to look in the most far-off places to find them. Once you put it together, though, the effort was definitely worth it. The Magnum can shred through most zombies with ease, turning them into piles of bloody chunks. Make our day!

38. The Flailgun (Bulletstorm)

Bulletstorm has a lot of frantic action to go around, but the best weapon to have on hand is the Flailgun. With it, you can kill an enemy up close with a well-timed blast. If that doesn't do the trick, the grenades that come out of this gun and stick to said enemy certainly will. Plus, you can delay the explosion in case you want to kill more than one baddie at the same time.

37. The Bullseye (Resistance series)

Remember the scene from The Fifth Element when Gary Oldman shows off an incredibly powered gun with a "Replay" option to fire bullets to a marked target? The Bullseye works to the same effect, with the player using a lock-on beacon and directing every bullet towards his or her foe. It's very effective in combat.

36. The bionic arm (Bionic Commando)

Ever since his introduction in the 80s, the Bionic Commando made excellent use of his superior appendage, not only swinging across ledges, but also disorienting enemies by flinging it towards them. In the latest Bionic game for PS3/360, its features were fleshed out, as you can use it not only to get around, but also throw enemies and objects around like footballs.

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