Staples Might Put Your Invention on Its Shelves

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The dream of countless inventors is to see their product sold at stores. Thanks to Staples (SPLS) and Fundable, that dream may become a little more real for one of them.

The Crowd2Shelf Contest was launched Aug. 1. Entrants are asked to create a crowdfunding campaign page by Aug. 31 and generate support with votes from the public.

"A panel of innovation expertsincluding Fundable and Staples representatives will select the top 25 submissions ... on their number of votes, the success of their crowdfunding campaign and judges' recommendations," according to Staples.

The top 25 will be announced Oct. 5, and a winner crowned Dec. 10. "The winning entrant(s) will have the opportunity to present their products to the Staples store merchandising teams," Staples said.

With crowdfunding on the rise, the amount of submissions could reach staggering levels.