​Dealing with Wonderful People: 6 Facts to Help You Cope

See also: terrible people

They are lurking in your office, prowling your child's school, and picking up litter in parks. They are everywhere-and you need to know how to coexist with them, their shocking activities, and their freakish and abnormal mindset. Indeed, some studies estimate that one out of every 25 people is certifiably wonderful. Here are six facts that can help you identify and cope with them.

Their behavior isn't about you.
They are not trying to make you look bad, or lazy, or cruel in contrast to themselves-they're just being themselves. It's not personal.

If you stay out of their way, everyone wins.
Try to sabotage a charitable endeavor or a collaborative pursuit they are championing, and your actions will only motivate them to achieve more. Tread carefully.

They don't take "No" for an answer.
Maddeningly, they will go behind the backs of anyone who dismisses their plans, brazenly finding ways to work around authority and red tape. They have even been known to raise money to research cancer, rescue orphans, and build wildlife refuges. They are not to be taken lightly.

They tend to congregate in their own groups.
These odd personalities are almost magnetically drawn to each other. You can tell a pack of them is near by the grotesque sounds of giggling and high-fiving. Listen carefully and plan your routes accordingly.

You don't deserve their attention, but you'll get it anyway.
Accept that in life, you will run into these people on occasion, and there's nothing you can do about it. Do your best to weather the storm of gifts, compliments, and assistance and support.

They don't realize that they're not acting normally.
It's true, and it's a cognitive bias that's key to their relentless and infuriating success. They consider themselves completely average, and believe that everyone is kind, empathetic, and helpful.
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