This Week's Greatest Hits (Aug 4 - 8)

white cat and rainbow
ShutterstockThis week at AOL Jobs: CATS.

This week at AOL Jobs, we told you how to deal with that co-worker you suspect has been stealing your snacks out of the office fridge, and explained why cats are the ideal companion for telecommuters. You'll find those posts below, along with others on lying on your resume, Nine West's epic fail of an ad campaign, and an in-depth look at a New Jersey pencil factory.

1. The Worst Advice I Received After A Layoff
2. Yes, You Can Adopt Your Co-Worker: Telecommuting With a Pet
3. Nine West Misses the Mark with Regressive Ad Campaign
4. The Demand for Instant Gratification is Creating Jobs
5. Ask Jack: Fridge Fiends, Dying Dreams, and Job of the Week
6. New Jersey's General Pencil Pours Its Heart Into Art
7. Are You Ready for Some Football? See If Your Favorite Team Is Hiring
8. Can I Be Sued For Slander For Reporting Sexual Harassment?
9. Liar, Liar! You Won't Get Hired
10. How To Dress Like A Leader In Any Work Environment

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