Now Hiring: Weather Jobs

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You want to talk about a recession-proof line of work? Try weather jobs on for size. Trends will come and go, new technologies will revitalize whole industries or render them obsolete, but, to swipe from the great Don Draper, it is going to rain.

It follows, then, that we need people to predict the rain, tell us how many inches to expect, and warn us about whether we need to move all our furniture to the top floor before the floodgates open. That's where meteorologists come in, and they're everywhere: in media, most obviously, but also air travel, scientific research, and jobs protecting the environment. So don't sit around waiting for lightning to strike! Instead, apply for a job that predicts it!

Now Hiring: Meteorological Jobs
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Now Hiring: Weather Jobs

Median salary: $93,033

Description: If you're an energetic, knowledgeable, hard working meteorologist who knows weather and its importance to the Portland DMA, we want to hear from you! We currently operate the Weather Central Fusion Studio from a new, state of the art weather center that's the best looking place to forecast from in the market. Our winning candidate must have a strong and energetic delivery, be willing to work for extended periods of breaking weather news and assist the Chief Meteorologist. We are looking for a minimum of two years experience. An advanced seal such as AMS or NWS plus a college degree is strongly preferred. News computer skills are required, and reporting experience is a plus. This is not just a green wall job.

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Average salary: $50,000

Description: Candidate will develop techniques and software associated with the Integrated Dissemination Program (IDP).  The IDP will be a heterogeneous, federated database system. Tasks for this position will focus on the development of the following aspects of the IDP: Design/develop/test data models and XML schemas that support the exchange of meteorological information via web services. Development of metadata to support the discovery of meteorological information. Data queries from IDP using web services.  Focus is on access techniques that are compliant with the standards of the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) such as Web Feature Service (WFS), Web Mapping Service (WMS) and Web Coverage Service (WCS).  Data queries will be encoded in newly-developed dialects of XML. Design/develop/test services to enable the exchange of a variety of Traditional Alphanumeric Codes (TAC) with NextGen partners via Web Feature Services (WFS).

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Average salary: $104,000

Description: The Chief Systems Engineer (CSE) for the Advanced Weather Interactive Processing System (AWIPS) will be given considerable responsibility and latitude from design and development to implementation and operations to the future evolution and science and technology insertion into mission critical real-time weather service production system. The primary responsibility of this role is for the technical identification, development, and sustainment of the AWIPS program.

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Average salary: $45,000

Description: Your responsibilities as an Weather ProducerMMJ will include shooting and editing news/weather stories, as well as developing enterprise weather/news stories.  You will need two to four years of weather and reporting experience and possess above average photography skills. We're looking for someone with a creative spark for telling great weather stories in forecasts and on-air packages. You must have excellent weather/news judgment, excellent technical skills and the ability to work independently and with others. A positive attitude is necessary.

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Average salary: $65,000

Description: KARE 11, the NBC affiliate in Minneapolis-St. Paul, is looking for a dynamic and credible Multimedia Meteorologist who can report the forecast, as well as the unique daily weather "story" with accuracy and creativity to engage the audience on any platform.  This passionate weather expert will lead our weather coverage on weekends, as well as staffing a variety shifts for severe weather coverage, weather/science reporting, producing and filling in as deemed necessary. 

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Base pay: $26 - 29/hr

Description: Performs data collection and analysis using a variety of meteorology systems and software and provides assistance to others. Creates complex layouts of major assembly tooling. Analyzes production processes and recommends improvements for productivity and quality. Verifies accuracy of tooling deliverable. Interprets complex engineering definition of parts and/or assemblies. Installs and assists with maintenance of software. Assists in troubleshooting and repair of system hardware and software. Assists in the development of measurement plans and performs data collection and analysis. Creates three-dimensional CAD models. Works under general direction.

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Salary: $70,000 - 100,000

Description: RealStreet Staffing is seeking Project Managers to support our client, a large General Contractor. The Project Manager will oversee multiple projects associated with the wastewater / water construction projects.  Typical projects include new or expansions of Water Treatment facilities and water transmission main, stream restoration and reconstruction of SWM ponds and outfalls. 

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Average salary: $44,000

Description: Perform air traffic control duties as a full performance controller.  Function as a sole tower operator with all Air Traffic Control performance requirements.  Perform all basic weather watch functions during assigned shifts.

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