8 strangest video game wrestlers ever

Many don't realize this, but wrestling has been around since the 1950's. It wasn't until the "Hulkamania" explosion in the early 1980's that wresting became what it is today. Since then, WWE video games have done there best at creating virtual replicas of the personalities that we love. With so many characters (and being that its the WWE) there are sure to be a few oddballs.

For your viewing pleasure, Shacknews is here with a list of the The Oddest Wrestlers In WWE Video Games:

Brodus Clay (WWE 12)

You dare not deny the dancing madness that Brodus Clay provided. For years, Clay was a superstar of not only the independent NXT ranks, but also the WWE, where he became known for his unique wrestling style and dancing techniques. It wasn't enough to keep him in the company, but at least his "Funkosaurus" look is forever immortalized with WWE 12's downloadable content.

Chainsaw Charlie (WWE 13)

Good ol' Terry Funk always knew how to put on a show, and one of his more oddball characters was Chainsaw Charlie, who was made available in WWE 13 as a downloadable character. While he doesn't actually attack characters with his chainsaw, his fantastic wrestling style and finishing moves are more than enough to down any opponent. If only Chainsaw would make a comeback!

The Honky Tonk Man (WWF Superstars)

We have to provide some props for The Honky Tonk Man. Here's a guy that took an Elvis wanna-be gimmick and transformed it into a very effective wrestling style. That would probably explain how he was able to get added to the roster of the 1989 arcade game WWF Superstars, pitted against the likes of Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior and other wrestlers. Also, CHECK OUT HIS HAIR.

Dude Love (WWE 13)

Last but certainly not least, we'd be insane if we didn't give Mick Foley some love. He's played some outstanding characters over the years, including Mankind and Cactus Jack. However, Dude Love takes the cake with his psychadelic wear and unpredictable wrestling style. Plus, that theme song will be in your head for hours. Hours.

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